PR Photography: Bellway show home launch by John Wellings

I was recently commissioned by Bellway Homes to photograph one of their newly launched show homes at a launch day event.


PR Photographer Wales: Bellway Homes by John Wellings

A couple more images from another job this week for Bellway Homes. This time in Bristol and Gloucester, lots of miles being covered recently!


PR Photographer Wales: Mi-Space with Dean Saunders by John Wellings

PR Photographer Wales

I recently attended a St Davids day breakfast meeting, hosted by Midas Group (Mi-Space) at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea. This year their guest speaker was Welsh football legend, Dean Saunders.

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Dean speak at an event previously and enjoyed some of his stories, particularly the one about nearly signing for Brian Clough!

If you are looking for a PR photographer in Wales for your event please drop me a message or give me a call to see how I can help.


South Wales Photographer: Apprentice Portrait for Redrow Homes by John Wellings

South Wales Photographer

Apprentice Portrait for Redrow Homes

From a recent commission for Redrow Homes at their current site in Lisvane, Cardiff.


Business Headshot with a difference.... by John Wellings

I was in Cardiff this morning to photograph some business headshots when I was asked if I minded taking a quick portrait of this guy. Its not my usual sort of thing but I quite like it!

I don’t think i want to work with dogs all the time though, I think I just got lucky that he looked down the lens, he only did it once!


Commercial Photographer South Wales: Business Portraits for Aareon by John Wellings

A couple of images from a recent shoot for Aareon at their office in Swansea.

The typical welsh winter weather coming in to play meant we were forced to use a rather beige office as the location. Fortunately we were able to cover a wall with some posters to achieve the colourful background the client was looking for.


Photographer South Wales / Peter Thomas for the Financial Times by John Wellings

A quick portrait commission for the Financial Times yesterday of former steelworker, Peter Thomas in Port Talbot.

You can read the piece here if you have an FT subscription -


Corporate Portrait / Headshot Photographer Cardiff / Wales by John Wellings

Michael Jones Q.C for the FDA

In the run up to Christmas I was commissioned to take a portrait of Michael Jones Q.C for the FDA. The brief was some relaxed environmental portraits along with an establishing shot of the Welsh Assembly Senedd building in Cardiff bay.


Architecture Photographer Wales: Cardiff bay by John Wellings

A fleeting visit to Cardiff to shoot a portrait feature yesterday. I was asked to capture some images of the Welsh Assembly Senedd building to go along with the feature in the magazine.

Here are a couple of out-takes that didn’t make the selects. I’ll post the final images once the article has been published.


Equipment Review: G-Technology 8TB Thunderbolt 2 Raid Hard Drive by John Wellings

G-Technology 8tb Thunderbolt 2 Raid Hard Drive Review



8tb / Thunderbolt

Straight to the point, I'm not an equipment reviewer type person. I'm not going to give you charts comparing data transfer speeds when daisy chained to several million devices or whether the drives performance is effected by sudden movements in the jet stream.

I just wanted to give a brief overview of my experience with the G-Technology 8tb Raid drive and how it compares to my other drives that i've been using the past couple of years.


I won't go into a whole unboxing as I'm pretty sure that if you're in the market for something like this you know what to expect. Cardboard, leads and some warranty info. Thankfully both Thunderbolt and USB leads are included unlike some other drives that have you making last minutes trips to pay over the odds at a lrage retailer...

initial setup of the drive couldn't have been easier. Plug it all in, turn it on and then download the Raid controller software from G-Tech website. Oh yeah, thats the part that wasn't mentioned in the manual.

If you want to use this drive in Raid 1 then you'll need to set this up using the software found on the website. I'm sure this can be done using disk utility too but I didn't try that.

Once you've set this up as Raid 1 it effectively becomes a 4tb drive and you can start using it immediately. Its fairly quiet in use, more so than the Lacie 2Big 6tb that this carries on from. I don't really edit anything from external drives myself so i can't comment much on the speed.

Basically, it does what it needs too. Stores data and has the added bonus of being metal and pretty good looking for a hard drive. As you can see in the chart below, i've scientifally run the data.


The price isn't going to break the bank either, expect to pay around £5/600 depending on where you purchase it from. Link below to take you straight there.