Various jobs and news. / by John Wellings

I know this blog is totally neglected. In fact it's like a plant someone brought home, fed for a few weeks diligently and then left to wither and die, occasionally receiving the dregs of its owners bottles of water.

But, in some kind of attempt to breath some life into it, here is a small montage of some recent jobs I've found online. Mostly local news along with a couple of agency stock uses in there, from a court grab to a cover. 

You can find me posting a lot more regularly over on my tumblr page, which acts more as a visual diary/scrapbook deal. Click here to go there.

In other news I have an image from "Even the Mountains are Shells" in a group show in Cardiff. The exhibition from the collective/blog A Fine Beginning entitled "Made In Wales" features 17 photographers with work made in Wales.